Friday, March 19, 2010

Not Your Typical Friday

It is still gorgeous weather here today. Tomorrow it is supposed to turn gross, but today it was be-a-u-tiful.  And it was a very busy Friday for us, though I don't think we thought it was going to be.

I realized I needed to get a nice short sleeve shirt for Buddy for pictures because of the weather and the fact that all his picture-worthy shirts were for winter.  I had a little bit of money on store credit to Old Navy, so that pretty much covered two new shirts for Buddy.  I bought some jeans  for him with a gift card, but they were too big and too much money for baby jeans, so I will be taking them back.  He wore his old jeans, which I bought used last fall for super cheap, and they were good enough.  But I am rambling about clothes...

Met my cousin at the mall, and it was lovely to catch up with her for a bit.

Came home.  After the lunch hour and after Hubby got off work (early on Fridays - YAY), we ran a few errands.  We were almost home, when we got a text from a real estate agent saying in 15 minutes they were showing our house.  Eek!  Of all days that I don't vacuum and straighten up the little clutter we have left.  I dashed in while Hubby and Buddy took care of things outside, and like a mad woman Windexed the faucets, through the coffee table clutter in a cupboard, swooped the outfits I had been trying on for pictures into the dresser, and shooed the dog out the door just as they were pulling up the driveway!  I realized the other day a bird pooped on our sliding glass door (How do they do that at such an angle?), and I meant to take care of it, but forgot until it was too late.  Oh well!

Then late afternoon/early evening the three of us had family pictures taken at a local park.  Buddy wasn't his usual smiley self, so I was a little disappointed that he didn't let his sweet personality shine.  But he wasn't cranky either, so that was good.  Hoping the photographer got some good shots.

Went to a pizza place a friend of ours just opened, and now we are home.  I am exhausted.  Trying to catch up on March Madness scores and all that.

This was definitely not a typical Friday for us, but it was very enjoyable.  Except my mad-dash cleaning. :)


  1. Who took your pictures????

  2. I am deleting what I wrote here I originally wrote here for privacy reasons. Email me/contact me if you want the name of the photographer.
    Friends of ours recommended him. He was very nice.


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