Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Mindset

So I thought I would share my reasoning behind my picks on my first round of March Madness.  Most of the games have been played, a few are still left this evening for Round One.  Please excuse my abbreviations and my grammar in this post.  If you have no interest in March Madness, you still may enjoy some of my thought-process!

  • Kansas vs. Lehigh - Kansas b/c I heard they were good, and they were a #1 team on the bracket.

  • N. Iowa vs UNLV - N. Iowa b/c I knew a couple of people who went to that school at one time.

  • Mich. St. vs. New Mex. St. - Mich. St b/c even though it KILLS me to pick the Spartans, they are a good bball team,  AND they are Big Ten.

  • Tenn vs. San Diego - Tenn b/c my youth pastor always cheered for them.

  • Georgetown vs. Ohio - b/c of rank.  So upset by this upset.  I had them going to Elite Eight.  Blah!

  • Villanova vs. Robert Morris - Rank, of course, plus EVANGEL beat Robert Morris in 2002 NAIA Championship. I was there.

  • OK St. vs. GA Tech - GA Tech b/c Hubby didn't get accepted into OSU.

  • Ohio State vs. UC Santa Barbara - Oh, this was worse than picking the Spartans.  I actually had to click on Ohio State.  I am vomiting a little in my mouth just typing this.  I HATE the Buckeyes.  But I hope they win a couple of games for bracket-sake only.

  • Cornell vs. Temple - Cornell - I seriously picked this because of "The Nard Dog" (Andy Bernard/The Office)

  • Wake Forest vs. Texas - Wake Forest b/c I don't like the longhorns and a person in my bracket challenge is named Forrest

  • Missouri vs. Clemson - Missouri b/c I have spent a large chunk of my life in the state

  • Gonzaga vs. FL State- Gonzaga b/c the name is cool.

  • UTEP vs. Butler - UTEP b/c I figured there would be a couple #12s beating #5s.  I figured wrong on this one.

  • Vanderbilt vs. Murray - Vanderbilt. I thought they would be good.  Yeah, wrong again.  I had this team going far, too.

  • Xavier vs. Minn. - Xavier - another cool name.

  • BYU vs. Florida - BYU - Mormons have a lot going for them.

  • Duke vs. Arkansas Pine Bluff - Duke.  I had never even heard of the other school.

  • Baylor vs. Sam Houston - Baylor - Baptists may have God on their side, haha

  • Old Dominion vs. Notre Dame - Old Dominion - I already had picked Michigan State and Ohio State, I could not fathom selling my soul to the devil and picking Notre Dame. :)

  • Purdue vs. Sienna - Purdue - Big Ten and I got saved on Purdue's campus July 1996.

  • Wisconsin vs. Wofford - Wisconsin - Big Ten

These teams I picked only based on rank or I have no idea why I picked them if their rank wasn't great:

  • Maryland vs. Houston - Maryland

  • Syracuse vs.  Vermont - Syracuse

  • Pitt vs. Oakland - Pitt

  • Kansas State vs. N. Texas - Kansas State

  • St. Mary's vs. Richmond -St. Mary's

  • Texas A&M vs. Utah State- Texas A&M

  • California vs. Louisville - Cal.

  • W. Virginia vs. Morgan St. - W. Virginia

  • New Mexico vs. Montana -New Mexico

  • Kentucky vs.East Tennessee - Kentucky

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