Sunday, March 14, 2010

goodbye 101 things

A few months ago I made a list of 101 things to do in 1,000 days.  Some things are going well, and some things I have already failed to do!  I am thinking of starting over - making a new list (though keeping a majority of the things) and being more dedicated to it.  Or maybe breaking it down into more attainable goals - such as 7 things to do this month and doing that for two and a half years or whatever.  The perfectionist in me can't stand that there are already things on my list that I didn't accomplish and it is too late.  And I am sad because I really liked my list.

Things I accomplished on my 101 list:

  1. Go to Disneyland

  2. Drink hot chocolate on a snowy day

  3. Stay up on New Year's Eve

  4. Try a new coffee place (The Dancing Mule)

  5. Pay off medical bills (everything we know about is paid now, we are just waiting for the final result of the Synagis bill when it comes in sometime this spring)

  6. Buy the next phase of carseat for Buddy

  7. Clean out office/spare room

  8. Bake or cook something new each month

  9. Start a journal of letters for Buddy

  10. Submit principal licensure paperwork

I had other things partially done on the list, but since it wasn't completed I am not putting them on the list here.  Hopefully I will post my new, shorter list soon.


  1. How IS the Dancing Mule?

  2. The dancing Mule is good, but not my favorite. I've only been twice, though. My cousin, however, loves it.


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