Thursday, March 18, 2010

6 month screening

Parents-as-Teachers did Buddy's six month screening today because with him being premature, he is really developmentally about 6 1/2 months, not 9 1/2 months.

The Pros:

  • Buddy was a very happy baby (as usual) when the PAT person came.  He complied with all the activities that he was able.

  • Verbally - he is ahead! (Go figure, my child, verbal??? haha)  He is at least at the 9 month mark for the screen - so with his peers, woohoo!

  • Socially he was right on track.

  • His fine motor skills weren't bad either.

The Cons:

  • His gross motor is behind, even for the six-month old comparison. He can only roll one way, he doesn't support himself on his legs/feet, and he can't sit up independently (that one wasn't as much of a concern yet).

So we are going to be referred to First Steps, and we will see if they feel he needs to be evaluated, and then we'll take it from there.  I am glad we had the screen.

Our newest pediatrician didn't screen for any of these things when we visited this month, I realized.  That makes me upset because our other, fantastic pediatrician did a lot of checking of these type of things at his calendar six month checkup (comparing him to 3/4 month olds).

I knew Buddy wasn't ahead with some of his physical skills, and this confirmed it.  I'm not worried.  He will catch up as we learn how ot better help him.  The teacher in me is THRILLED that he is so verbally smart.  One more reason everyone should read, sing, and talk to their babies!!


  1. I love PAT. There is nothing better than a free program to help us moms keep on track. I don't know a lot about what Lily should or shouldn't be doing so it's nice to have someone help me. Our school district has monthly events as well that we always try to go to. Do you do those also? I know you said you wished you had LINK. It's one of my favorite parts of PAT. I hope the First Steps helps. I know Buddy will be right where he needs to be in no time.

  2. First Steps has provided all of Luke's therapy so far and they are wonderful. You'll probably have different gals since we're in Christian county, but I'm sure they'll be great.
    And PAT is wonderful too!! Love our girl here in Nixa.
    Stinks the doc didn't pick on things. Grrr. Makes me mad.
    Anyway, he'll get all caught up and before you know he'll be EVERYWHERE and then end of all organization in your house will be over. ;)

  3. Heather and Kristi – Thanks for your encouraging words.

  4. Heather and Kristi - Thanks for your encouraging words.

  5. Heather - There are different activites PAT has at the schools and libraries. This fall and winter we didn't do any b/c I didn't want him around the germy kids, but we hope to do some this spring, and next year we will venture out more. :)


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