Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tears on my pillow

Hubby suggested trying to let Buddy cry it out awhile tonight because nothing else we have tried is really working.  I was not happy about this suggestion.  After less than 30 minutes - and a few checks in by us - he is sleeping peacefully.  And I still feel guilty.
We have figured out that while we have a decent daily routine (not really schedule because it isn't by the clock), our son does not stick to a routine as well as we had hoped.  So we are just trying to go with the flow, but yet keep our sanity (and get some rest) in the process.
This parenting stuff is tough - and he isn't even a year old yet!  When I figure things out, I am writing a book.  Hopefully it will sell enough to refund me for all the money I spent on books on what to do with Buddy.  I am beginning to think I should have been winging it all of this time!

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