Sunday, February 7, 2010


We took Buddy to pediatric urgent care this morning when they opened.  He has been fighting a cold this week, and last night he started having this terrible cough from about 3 AM on.  None of us slept well from that point on - although he did conk back out I think around 5 or 6.
I was so impressed with our pediatric urgent care center.  Very efficient and helpful.  I hate to see what the bill is going to be for such great service, haha!  But Buddy has bronchiolitis (spelling?) which is basically a virus - but not RSV which is good since we have been getting very expensive Synagis shots to prevent that.  He has a breathing treatment to take every 4-6 hours for his wheezing/cough as needed, and we are doing Saline drops to help his nose. We hope we are catching this virus early enough so that it doesn't turn into pneumonia or anything else.  There are very few things as terrible as seeing your child sick/in pain.  It doesn't matter if they are in a NICU or they just bump their head - anytime they are hurt it feels like your heart is ripping into pieces.  At least that is how it feels to me.  Buddy has had a couple of small colds, but this is his first illness that we have had to take him to see a doctor since he has been home.  We are thankful that we have made it this many months without one.
He has been pretty content most of the day, all things considered, but this evening he started to seem a bit miserable again.  He is sleeping now, and I hope he sleeps comfortably tonight.  Poor little guy.  Please pray for a quick and full recovery and that this doesn't turn out to be anything worse.

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