Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Honor of the Holiday We Do Not Celebrate

We do not celebrate Valentine's Day. We have Christmas, both of our birthdays, and our anniversary all within a few weeks, so we postpone it and give each other "Valentinesish" Day cards on St. Patrick's Day.
But since the baby and I are up visiting my family, and my hubby is stuck at home, I thought I would write this list.
10 random things I love about my husband:
1. When there are good dinner leftovers for lunch and only enough for one of us, he usually lets me have them.
2. The ratio of chick-flick to guy movies we have rented over the years is at least 20:1.
3. He gives me the cherry off of his Andy's sundae. He does not like them, but he could always ask for them to leave it off so as to not get cherry juice on his ice cream.
4. When I ruin dinner, he never complains about it.
5. He uses funny voices and isn't afraid to look goofy when playing with Buddy.
6. He shovels the driveway. I don't think I have ever had to do it.
7. He is a great cook/baker. Probably because he measures things meticulously unlike me.
8. He is a reader. I know he would read more if he had the time. And lately the time he has had to read has been spent reading Dr. Seuss and Mercer Meyer to Buddy.
9. He sacrifices. He works at a not-so-great job, and he has not asked me to go back to work. We could live more comfortably if I did, but he knows I enjoy staying home.
10. He makes me laugh by randomly breaking out into song at various times.

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