Saturday, February 20, 2010


Buddy and I are back home after a week with my family in my hometown.  As always, I ate a ton of mandatory hometown food.  I am pretty sure I hit all of my favorite spots for pizza, tacos, soup, ice cream, onion rings, and coffee.  We were also blessed to be loaded up with diapers, baby wipes, and baby food.  Thanks family!

The second tooth is about halfway out into the open.  Buddy keeps touching his new teeth with his fingers, thumb, and tongue.  He is babbling a lot these days and getting better at mimicking.  He even practiced saying, "byebye" to my grandmother the other night.  Doesn't quite have the right vowel sounds, but he has the syllables and the intonation.  When we got back home today, he was saying "dada" like crazy to my dear husband.  We are pretty sure he is using it correctly at this point, but we are new at this parenting thing, so we aren't sure. Buddy will get his attention and then say "dada."  When he is just babbling it, the "dadadadaa" goes on and on.

Does that seem like he has said his first word?  Since I am a perfectionist, I don't want to write this in his baby book if it isn't truly his first word.


  1. He is definately saying Daddy. Write it down and be proud.

  2. Lily has been doing the same, "dadadadada" rambling. I didn't mark it down because she mostly says it when she wants me (clearly not dada, lol) or when she's hungry. If Buddy knows the difference then I say definitely a word. =)


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