Monday, January 18, 2010


We received our first statement for Buddy's first Synagis shot in December - the one he will get each month through March or April to help prevent him gettiing RSV.  It isn't a bill yet - just a statement.  Good news - it looks like insurance is covering part of it.  Bad news - It is costing a lot more than we were told because Buddy is a lot bigger than other babies getting the shot and his dose is more.  So even with insurance covering part, it is still going to cost more out of pocket than what we thought.  But we haven't received an official bill yet, so that is good.
Prayer request - Under the advice of our pediatrician and some other people we have applied to Children's Miracle Network for help paying for this.  They do help people with these costs.  The committee meets tomorrow and will decide if we qualify and how much we would qualify for (max 5,000 - which would greatly help reduce the cost.  We would still be paying a lot of money out of pocket.)  Please pray that the committee would feel we have a need.
Over the last several months we have been so blessed.  We are able to make payments on my hospital bills and should have it paid off in the next few months; we have had a great deal  of help with Buddy's NICU bills; we have been given diapers, clothes, toys, and money to help with Buddy/life expenses.  Things come up - but each month God has provided for us - and we know that we do not need to worry about this newest hurdle.  We are so thankful for that and for the help we have been given.  More importantly we are thankful for Buddy's health.  He brings such joy to our lives.

I was trying to upload a ton of video from the last month or so, but YouTube is giving me problems.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day there will be several posted on here.

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