Thursday, January 28, 2010

For Sale

We met with our new and improved realtor yesterday.  We felt very comfortable with her.  She came today to take a few pictures and put the "for sale" sign in our yard.  Just another step on our journey out of this town.
The weathermen (and weatherwomen) say we are supposed to get a lot of snow tonight.  I just hope we don't get any ice.  But I could handle some snow and take a snowday for myself.  I am going to bake some cookies tonight in anticipation of the snow.
Buddy's tooth is popping through.  We can see it now; I am guessing it is about one-third of the way there.
Last night Hubby and I were playing with him, and Buddy got this very serious look on his face.  He was concentrating.  And out of his mouth came the "b" sound.  Several times.  He had not made that sound before, and he hasn't made it since that moment, but the way we reacted to it, an observer would have thought he just played a symphony or hit a homerun.  What can I say? We are proud parents.  :)

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