Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February 5

Tonight Hubby received a very good phone call.  A person from O.S.U. called to tell him that they would like to interview him for their doctoral program for counseling.  Yay!  This means he made it through the first part of the application process - so now he has moved on to the next phase.  His interview is February 5 - so please pray that the weather is good that day and the days before.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and guidance and direction and doors (open and closed) as we try to figure out where God wants us to be/what He wants us to do next.

Oh - and we should be meeting in the not-to-distant future with another realtor, so pray that this house gets on the market and sells quickly (and at a decent price) just so we have one less thing to stress about.  : )

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