Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date Day

What a fabulous day.  Coleridge decided he was ready for all of us to be awake around 6:30... not so fabulous.  The morning was filled with the daily vacuuming, Windexing, etc. I must do just incase.  Also not fabulous.
But this afternoon Mike and I went on a date thanks to a wonderful Christmas present from Forrest and Melissa.  They came over to take care of Cole and sent us on our way with the gift cards the gave us.  Springfield Brew Co. for lunch (yum - cheddar ale soup and caesar salad) and then a movie.  (I also stopped in at Rendezvous Coffee since it was right there.)
We watched Avatar in 3D.  It was really neat.  Cool effects/artistry, and I liked the story line. But it did have an anti-American slant/pro-environment agenda.  The mythology/fantasy aspect of the story I enjoyed, but I didn't like how "treehuggers" ( a term the movie used) and pacifists were glorified and the stereotypical war-monger Americans were portrayed.  Many parallels to how one-side of the political aisle sees the war in Iraq and consummerism.But yet, I also really liked the movie.  The theme of protecting the innocent, standing up for what you believe in, etc. was moving. 
So yes, I would recommend it, but I would also say watch it, but don't get sucked in to some of the propaganda.  I am a conservative, but I also love a good movie!
It was also very nice to go on a real date again.  A date that didn't involve diaper changing and a redbox rental.  That being said, I was happy to be home and have my little snuggly baby in my arms again.

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