Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Answer to Prayer and other things

The other day we received a very important piece of mail.  Children's Miracle Network approved us for some assistance with Buddy's Synagis expenses.  We are so thankful that we will have a big chunk of this cost paid for.  It is unreal how much each injection is costing.

Tomorrow we are meeting with a new realtor.  We are hoping all goes well and that our house gets on the market soon.  We just really want to be freed up to move wherever we are supposed to move whenever we get the green light.  Just another step in the process, another time to trust that things will turn out.  It is difficult, but I am doing a little better with this trusting thing than I used to. I know I still have a long way to go.

In Buddy news - he is cutting his first tooth.  It is on the bottom, barely visible, but we can definitely feel it when he pulls our fingers into his mouth to bite down on them.  He is loving solid food.  He will now eat cereal, but he prefers it to be mixed with his veggies or fruits.  He hasn't really found a food he doesn't like yet.

Today, out of desperation since he had not yet napped and I knew he needed to - I tried to let him cry it out a bit.  I am very much opposed to this, but I did not know what else to try, and I figured he was old enough.  I will not be doing this again.  I should have stuck with my gut.  Seriously - why would letting a baby scream and cry help them fall asleep?  How well do I sleep when I am angry and riled up about something?  I don't.  Neither does Buddy.  All I did was make him angry and make me sad.  So after 20-30 minutes (and I had checked on him/comforted him at different intervals) I came to  my senses.  Going to reread some sections of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and get serious about implementing some things from that book.


  1. I hope this realtor works out! I hope Buddy continues to be a good eater. My nephew is NOT. You are lucky!

  2. Yay for CMN coming through for you!! That's amazing. What a relief.I'll be praying your house will on the market pronto....and out of your hands soon.So excited to hear about Mike's invites from Oklahoma. Very cool. OK isn't too far from here....and I know other people who live there too, so there might be a chance of us still seeing you guys if that option works out. I haven't heard of the No-Cry-Sleep Solution. I'll have to talk to you about it next time we're together. Too late for my guys...I already let them cry it out. LoL!! :)) I'm so cold-hearted! Well, we made it through and now they're both sleeper heads. Just think, one of these days, when they're 14...we'll be doing all we can to get them OUT of bed! Ah, the work of a mother never ends!


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