Friday, January 8, 2010

7ish month weight/length

Buddy got his second synagis shot today to prevent RSV.  He weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz - up a pound - and he is 28 inches long - up an inch.  He is long and slender.
Last night he ate peas.  Yuck!  Well, he enjoyed them.  I made Hubby feed them to him because I HATE peas.  The smell, the color, the taste, the texture.  But Buddy enjoyed them, so I am glad.  I was a good mom and fed him some today at lunch.  He is now eating solids a little bit better - he will eat some cereal if bananas accompany it.  He is keeping more food in his mouth than he is spitting out.  So far he has enjoyed bananas, green beans, and peas, and he will eat rice cereal if he is hungry enough.  He would prefer a pickle or ice cream, but we don't let him have that right now.  He also said informed me he enjoyed the sample of cream cheese icing his second cousin Tissa gave him at Christmas.  :)
He is babbling a lot.  Ooohs and ahhs and yeahs and gahs, but he has added the "d" consonant this week, so it sounds like he is saying dada, though we know he isn't saying it as a word yet, just dahdadahda.  The cutest thing is when he says "ok."  Again, we know it is a mimic rather than a word at this point, but often he says it during the perfect moment, and Mike and I crack up.  It seems like this week I could write every day about something new he is doing.
The synagis shot threw off his routine  a bit today - ending a nap earlier than I would have liked because I was actually starting to get something accomplished while he was sleeping!  Oh well.  I hope he sleeps well tonight.

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  1. How fun!! And it just keeps getting more and more fun. I was looking at Caleb the other day and thinking, "I wish I could just spray something on him to keep him like this forever!!"Mommyhood is SUCH an incredible experience!


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