Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date Day

What a fabulous day.  Coleridge decided he was ready for all of us to be awake around 6:30... not so fabulous.  The morning was filled with the daily vacuuming, Windexing, etc. I must do just incase.  Also not fabulous.
But this afternoon Mike and I went on a date thanks to a wonderful Christmas present from Forrest and Melissa.  They came over to take care of Cole and sent us on our way with the gift cards the gave us.  Springfield Brew Co. for lunch (yum - cheddar ale soup and caesar salad) and then a movie.  (I also stopped in at Rendezvous Coffee since it was right there.)
We watched Avatar in 3D.  It was really neat.  Cool effects/artistry, and I liked the story line. But it did have an anti-American slant/pro-environment agenda.  The mythology/fantasy aspect of the story I enjoyed, but I didn't like how "treehuggers" ( a term the movie used) and pacifists were glorified and the stereotypical war-monger Americans were portrayed.  Many parallels to how one-side of the political aisle sees the war in Iraq and consummerism.But yet, I also really liked the movie.  The theme of protecting the innocent, standing up for what you believe in, etc. was moving. 
So yes, I would recommend it, but I would also say watch it, but don't get sucked in to some of the propaganda.  I am a conservative, but I also love a good movie!
It was also very nice to go on a real date again.  A date that didn't involve diaper changing and a redbox rental.  That being said, I was happy to be home and have my little snuggly baby in my arms again.

Friday, January 29, 2010

eight months old

A look at how much our sweet baby boy has grown and changed so far.  Once you hit play, you can click each picture to zoom in on it.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

For Sale

We met with our new and improved realtor yesterday.  We felt very comfortable with her.  She came today to take a few pictures and put the "for sale" sign in our yard.  Just another step on our journey out of this town.
The weathermen (and weatherwomen) say we are supposed to get a lot of snow tonight.  I just hope we don't get any ice.  But I could handle some snow and take a snowday for myself.  I am going to bake some cookies tonight in anticipation of the snow.
Buddy's tooth is popping through.  We can see it now; I am guessing it is about one-third of the way there.
Last night Hubby and I were playing with him, and Buddy got this very serious look on his face.  He was concentrating.  And out of his mouth came the "b" sound.  Several times.  He had not made that sound before, and he hasn't made it since that moment, but the way we reacted to it, an observer would have thought he just played a symphony or hit a homerun.  What can I say? We are proud parents.  :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Answer to Prayer and other things

The other day we received a very important piece of mail.  Children's Miracle Network approved us for some assistance with Buddy's Synagis expenses.  We are so thankful that we will have a big chunk of this cost paid for.  It is unreal how much each injection is costing.

Tomorrow we are meeting with a new realtor.  We are hoping all goes well and that our house gets on the market soon.  We just really want to be freed up to move wherever we are supposed to move whenever we get the green light.  Just another step in the process, another time to trust that things will turn out.  It is difficult, but I am doing a little better with this trusting thing than I used to. I know I still have a long way to go.

In Buddy news - he is cutting his first tooth.  It is on the bottom, barely visible, but we can definitely feel it when he pulls our fingers into his mouth to bite down on them.  He is loving solid food.  He will now eat cereal, but he prefers it to be mixed with his veggies or fruits.  He hasn't really found a food he doesn't like yet.

Today, out of desperation since he had not yet napped and I knew he needed to - I tried to let him cry it out a bit.  I am very much opposed to this, but I did not know what else to try, and I figured he was old enough.  I will not be doing this again.  I should have stuck with my gut.  Seriously - why would letting a baby scream and cry help them fall asleep?  How well do I sleep when I am angry and riled up about something?  I don't.  Neither does Buddy.  All I did was make him angry and make me sad.  So after 20-30 minutes (and I had checked on him/comforted him at different intervals) I came to  my senses.  Going to reread some sections of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and get serious about implementing some things from that book.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of video

I had lots of problems with uploading the video, but I think it is all up - videos from Christmas in California, Nevada, and Missouri.  There are lots of videos, but all are under a minute, I think.

Click here to see our videos

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February 5

Tonight Hubby received a very good phone call.  A person from O.S.U. called to tell him that they would like to interview him for their doctoral program for counseling.  Yay!  This means he made it through the first part of the application process - so now he has moved on to the next phase.  His interview is February 5 - so please pray that the weather is good that day and the days before.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and guidance and direction and doors (open and closed) as we try to figure out where God wants us to be/what He wants us to do next.

Oh - and we should be meeting in the not-to-distant future with another realtor, so pray that this house gets on the market and sells quickly (and at a decent price) just so we have one less thing to stress about.  : )

Monday, January 18, 2010


We received our first statement for Buddy's first Synagis shot in December - the one he will get each month through March or April to help prevent him gettiing RSV.  It isn't a bill yet - just a statement.  Good news - it looks like insurance is covering part of it.  Bad news - It is costing a lot more than we were told because Buddy is a lot bigger than other babies getting the shot and his dose is more.  So even with insurance covering part, it is still going to cost more out of pocket than what we thought.  But we haven't received an official bill yet, so that is good.
Prayer request - Under the advice of our pediatrician and some other people we have applied to Children's Miracle Network for help paying for this.  They do help people with these costs.  The committee meets tomorrow and will decide if we qualify and how much we would qualify for (max 5,000 - which would greatly help reduce the cost.  We would still be paying a lot of money out of pocket.)  Please pray that the committee would feel we have a need.
Over the last several months we have been so blessed.  We are able to make payments on my hospital bills and should have it paid off in the next few months; we have had a great deal  of help with Buddy's NICU bills; we have been given diapers, clothes, toys, and money to help with Buddy/life expenses.  Things come up - but each month God has provided for us - and we know that we do not need to worry about this newest hurdle.  We are so thankful for that and for the help we have been given.  More importantly we are thankful for Buddy's health.  He brings such joy to our lives.

I was trying to upload a ton of video from the last month or so, but YouTube is giving me problems.  Hopefully tomorrow or the next day there will be several posted on here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our house is a very, very, very fine house

The realtors came this morning and looked around.  They had a lot of nice things to say.  The only thing we really need to do is paint the exterior.  Not that it is terrible, but just to make it look more polished and to compete with those who have siding.  They left some paperwork and said they would be back this afternoon to take pictures and finish the paperwork.
They never called.  They never came back by.  I am going to email them tomorrow and of course call on Monday, but I am pretty sure we are going to go back to the drawing board and look at going with someone else.  It is a little discouraging considering how hard I worked, and then how this morning it seemed like they really wanted to get the process going ASAP and then ... nada.   Grrr.  Oh well.  Two steps forward, one step back...
This afternoon, while waiting, life as usual resumed.  I played with Buddy - giving him the much needed attention that I feared he lacked earlier in the week.  Not that I completely ignored him - it was just a very different week.  I felt so much better playing and interacting with him and being a mom instead of being a crazy-cleaning-machine.  And the one of the best parts of today was we snuggled up and took a lonnnng nap!  I felt I had earned it, and I was glad he was in a napping mood today.
It is amazing that in just a few hours my house has already lost its "museum" look.  Season 2 of LOST dvds, Buddy's Synagis bill, and my water glass are on the coffee table, Buddy's laundry is in the basket, there are probably a few of his cereal crumbs on the counter, and his towel is hanging on the back of the bathroom door.  I love it.
I realized this afternoon while I was making Buddy giggle just how much I love staying home.  Sure, there are definitely days when I do not love it, but today confirmed that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing for us right now.  I know it is not for everybody - it does not fit everyone's personality, family structure, lifestyle, etc.  I wasn't sure a few months ago that it would fit us.  But it does.  And I am thankful that even though we definitely don't have lots of extras, and our house is small, our home is filled with lots of laughter, and except when I have weeks like this week (which are rare), I pretty much have the freedom to enjoy any moment I want with my little one.  And that makes all the sacrifice worth it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Car Dead? Call Fred. 391-9666

Only Quad City readers will get the title.
So Lou Ann (my old  Nissan) is dead.  She has been haing what we thought were battery problems for a couple weeks now, and we did all we could to fix that.  But now even with a new battery she is not starting.  Not a good week to be down to one  car - especially since Hubby's job requires him to need the car much of the time.  Like tomorrow.  When I also need it.  But we have a plan to accommodate us both, so hopefully nothing else will go wrong.  I am thankful we have another car to use.
Buddy will not go to sleep tonight.  I am tired from today's work.  I worked hard.  One more day - tomorrow the cleaning products come out in full force -  well as much as they can with a baby in the house!  We have a huge pile to take to Goodwill.  I realized through all of this pitching/cleaning process how much stuff we have that we don't need.  And yet I know in a few days I will be tempted to whine about all the things other people have that we don't.  Pathetic.  We really don't need that much to get by.

Monday, January 11, 2010

How to sell a house in five easy steps..

Well, we are about to put our house on the market.   I don't know the five easy steps I eluded to in the title of this post, but if any of you know them, please pass on the information.
We worked a lot in October/November pitching and cleaning and organizing knowing we would someday soon be selling our house.  At that time, we were hopeful a specific door would open for Hubby, but it did not, and so life went on.  Not much got done on the homefront in November or December, but we knew we as the year ended we needed to get a move on.  We are currently pursuing a couple of things for next year, and should know around March if one of those doors open.  If not, we have a few other things in the back of our minds, and we are completely open to the possibility that God might have something for us that we have not thought of yet.  I just wish God would send me an email letting me know what He has planned for us - even just a small direction - but apparently I am stil in need of learning more lessons on faith, trust, and patience.  Seems I am always having to learn those three things.
So today I talked to a realtor I had talked to in the fall, and hopefully by the end of the week we will have things ready to go because she may be coming to our house on Friday.  Eek!
Best case scenario - We sell our house in a short amount of time and figure out what we are doing all around the same time frame.
Other good case scenarios -
We sell our house so fast that we move to an apartment for a few months while we wait for God to give us the perfect open door.
We sell our house and then God shows us that we are supposed to stay in this area longer - to which we would probably rent for awhile until we knew more details
Bad scenario - We have an opportunity to move and our house still hasn't sold.  This is why we are starting sooner than later that way we can hopefully avoid this.
Please pray for us.  Pray for a good house selling experience - this is the first home we have owned, so selling is a brand new thing to us.  Pray for excellent timing in everything.  Pray for our sanity - espeically this week as we finish things up and take care of daily life - including work and caring for Buddy.  Pray that God would give us clear direction on what we are supposed to do next, and that we would be listening and obedient.

Friday, January 8, 2010

7ish month weight/length

Buddy got his second synagis shot today to prevent RSV.  He weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz - up a pound - and he is 28 inches long - up an inch.  He is long and slender.
Last night he ate peas.  Yuck!  Well, he enjoyed them.  I made Hubby feed them to him because I HATE peas.  The smell, the color, the taste, the texture.  But Buddy enjoyed them, so I am glad.  I was a good mom and fed him some today at lunch.  He is now eating solids a little bit better - he will eat some cereal if bananas accompany it.  He is keeping more food in his mouth than he is spitting out.  So far he has enjoyed bananas, green beans, and peas, and he will eat rice cereal if he is hungry enough.  He would prefer a pickle or ice cream, but we don't let him have that right now.  He also said informed me he enjoyed the sample of cream cheese icing his second cousin Tissa gave him at Christmas.  :)
He is babbling a lot.  Ooohs and ahhs and yeahs and gahs, but he has added the "d" consonant this week, so it sounds like he is saying dada, though we know he isn't saying it as a word yet, just dahdadahda.  The cutest thing is when he says "ok."  Again, we know it is a mimic rather than a word at this point, but often he says it during the perfect moment, and Mike and I crack up.  It seems like this week I could write every day about something new he is doing.
The synagis shot threw off his routine  a bit today - ending a nap earlier than I would have liked because I was actually starting to get something accomplished while he was sleeping!  Oh well.  I hope he sleeps well tonight.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three more bullets and pictures

7 month picture

  • Buddy has been going to bed for the last few days between 8-9, waking up once to eat, and then getting up between 7:30-8:00  He has been sleeping in his own room in his crib.  This was a hard thing for me to do, but we felt like it might be time, and that he would probably be more comfortable on that mattress than in the Pack'n'Play.

  • This week Buddy has also been napping for me TWICE a day - around 9:30ish for an hour and then around 1 or 2 for an hour or two.

  • The only catch is he has to eat to fall asleep, and at nap time I have to lay (lie?) down next to him on our bed.  But I am happy that he is at least seeming to be on a routine.  We will transition him to more independence once his internal clock is set.

It is cold and snowy in our town.  Yuck!  I know many people like this, but give me Arizona heat any day!

Snowy day on Sunday, January 3.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas vacation in bullets

  • Buddy was an excellent traveller on both flights - especially the trip out.  He pretty much slept the entire flight.

  • We were glad to spend several days with Hubby's family - first with Papa B, Uncle A, Aunt L, and the kids - then after the P-family Christmas party with Grandma P and Grandpa B.  There is never enough time to visit or to catch everyone, so if we missed you, we are sorry!

  • My family drove from Nevada in a 15 passenger van for our trip to Disneyland.  We were "eleven and a baby" at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Buddy slept a lot at Disneyland, but was able to enjoy a few rides.  I was able to enjoy a lot of rides and a few churros!

  • Buddy slept through Christmas.  He was awake for pictures, slept through gifts, and woke up after gifts!  Silly kid!  I love him!!

  • We spent Christmas with Babushka's clan - all of us in one house in  Nevada.  Lots of eating and card playing - and nobody hurt anyone!  This trip had been in the works for a couple of years, and it was a great time.  Thank you GREAT Aunt K and Uncle J for hosting us!

  • Sunshine, In-n-Out, laughter, music from five decades, Christmas book exchange, lattes, American Idol on the wii, Space Mountain, BUMP!, lots of family... that pretty much sums it up.  Looking forward to celebrating with my dad and family later this month.