Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obsession Post

I was tagged as a "fabulous blog" by Danavee.  Since I was tagged, I must disclose five obsessive compulsive traits that I exhibit.  Here I go:
1. Double checking things.  I double check doors, irons, curling irons, lights, locks.  Sometimes it is so bad that I have to drive back home to triple check because I have the nagging feeling I left something on/unlocked.  Now that Coleridge is here, I double check him too.  At night I get up several times to check and make sure he is still breathing.  I thought this would fade, but so far I am still doing it.
2.  Socks - I don't really like to wear socks, but when I have to it drives me nuts if they are sagging down or if their seam is not lined up properly with my toes.
3.  Photos/scrapbooking - I have to have my pictures in order.  I hate when they are developed and not in chronological order.  It really irritates me that when I download them to Walmart or Walgreens and on their website for purchase the pictures are completely out of order. Why does that happen?  When I scrapbook, I have to scrapbook in chronological order.  I hate skipping around.  I always anticipate getting to the really good events/photos.  Unfortunately I have had to skip about three pre-Cole years of scrapbooking (yes, I'm that far behind) in order to start on his baby book. This was very difficult for me.  Often I spend so much time getting everything set up and organized to scrapbook that I am too tired to actually do any scrapbooking.
4. Grammar - I know as soon as I type this on here there will be a ton of mistakes in this post.  I am obsessed with trying to have good grammar.  Facebook statuses are difficult for me to post because I never know if I am supposed to be in first or third person, and if my status is me wondering something if I should put a question mark or a period.? ;)  I cringe when I see bad grammar/spelling on facebook.  I am a snob, but in all fairness I cringe when I make grammar mistakes, too.
5. ABC order/categorization - This one I really haven't done well on lately with moving things around to make room for Coleridge.  I like for the books on my bookshelves to be in categories and in ABC order.  I like my cds to be in ABC order.  When I taught, I liked my files to be organized by subject and in ABC order --- if they made their way back to the filing cabinet instead of thrown on my desk or on top of the cabinet. I prefer my closet to be color coordinated, and at certain times in my life that has meant being in the color spectrum order - Roy G. Biv anyone?  The funny thing about this is I am a very messy/cluttered person, so it is strange that I want these little things placed in a certain way, but I won't obsess with a little dog fur on the couch or a pile of laundry by my dresser.

Alrighty - now you all have a glimpse into my world.  I tag anyone who reads this blog who has their own blog to confess your own OCD tendencies.  Amy N. - I know you have them, hehe.  ;)

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  1. Yay for obsessions! These are fun to read! Thank you for playing along. I have the same issue with grammar.....for myself and others. Can't people SPELL? Or at least TRY? Or use the right word (their/there, for example)? I'll re-publish my blog ten times if I find a mistake!


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