Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Buddy's first food

While in Illinois Buddy tried his first foods. We discovered licking a dill pickle slice calmed him down when he was cranky. This is odd because his mommy hates dill pickles! He also tried a small bite of Whitey's ice cream. Great Aunt K got a picture of that, I think. Neither of these moments were pediatrician approved. :)
Today Hubby and I fed Buddy something the experts recommend for a first food - mashed bananas. He enjoyed the flavor, but wasn't so sure about actually eating it. He seemed to know to open his mouth pretty well for the spoon, but we discovered he did better eating it off a finger.

Can't believe he turned six months old the other day! We have his doctor appointment for shots and a checkup next week, so we will update you all with his weight/length after that. Please pray that appointment goes well. We switched insurance, so we had to switch doctors. Pray that he handles the shots well, too!

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