Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Six month check up

Buddy had his 6 month appointment today.  I LOVE his new pediatrician.  She was very warm, talked to Buddy and to me, gave me lots of information, asked tons of questions, and just gave me a great vibe.  Dr. Wotherspoon was really impressed with how well our baby boy is doing.  I am not going to post Buddy's weight/height today because I am going to have people guess what they were and then post them in a week.  So guess away.
I will give you these hints:
He is in the 10th percentile for 6 month weight - yay!  He keeps getting higher on that growth chart and is catching up with his "peers."
He is in the 50-75th percentile range for his length.  I can't imagine what percentile that would be if we looked at it with his "actual" age - about 4 months.  I think he is going to be tall!
His head was in the 5th or 10th percentile.  So he did not inherit my large noggin. ;)
He did not enjoy his shots today - cried and cried.  He fell asleep on the ride home, and has been sleeping in his carseat ever since.  Hopefully he isn't as fussy as he was at his four month appointment for his own sake and mine.
Oh - any opinions on getting Cole the flu shot?  The doc said I could think about it (she did not pressure me at all).  Not the H1N1 - we are not doing that one.   Also, pray that something works out so we can get the funding for Cole to get vaccinated for RSV - our insurance isn't going to pay for it since we haven't yet met the decuctible (because we had to switch insurance), and each vaccination is EXPENSIVE.  I have a couple of resources to apply to for getting help with that - so pray that goes quickly and smoothly.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obsession Post

I was tagged as a "fabulous blog" by Danavee.  Since I was tagged, I must disclose five obsessive compulsive traits that I exhibit.  Here I go:
1. Double checking things.  I double check doors, irons, curling irons, lights, locks.  Sometimes it is so bad that I have to drive back home to triple check because I have the nagging feeling I left something on/unlocked.  Now that Coleridge is here, I double check him too.  At night I get up several times to check and make sure he is still breathing.  I thought this would fade, but so far I am still doing it.
2.  Socks - I don't really like to wear socks, but when I have to it drives me nuts if they are sagging down or if their seam is not lined up properly with my toes.
3.  Photos/scrapbooking - I have to have my pictures in order.  I hate when they are developed and not in chronological order.  It really irritates me that when I download them to Walmart or Walgreens and on their website for purchase the pictures are completely out of order. Why does that happen?  When I scrapbook, I have to scrapbook in chronological order.  I hate skipping around.  I always anticipate getting to the really good events/photos.  Unfortunately I have had to skip about three pre-Cole years of scrapbooking (yes, I'm that far behind) in order to start on his baby book. This was very difficult for me.  Often I spend so much time getting everything set up and organized to scrapbook that I am too tired to actually do any scrapbooking.
4. Grammar - I know as soon as I type this on here there will be a ton of mistakes in this post.  I am obsessed with trying to have good grammar.  Facebook statuses are difficult for me to post because I never know if I am supposed to be in first or third person, and if my status is me wondering something if I should put a question mark or a period.? ;)  I cringe when I see bad grammar/spelling on facebook.  I am a snob, but in all fairness I cringe when I make grammar mistakes, too.
5. ABC order/categorization - This one I really haven't done well on lately with moving things around to make room for Coleridge.  I like for the books on my bookshelves to be in categories and in ABC order.  I like my cds to be in ABC order.  When I taught, I liked my files to be organized by subject and in ABC order --- if they made their way back to the filing cabinet instead of thrown on my desk or on top of the cabinet. I prefer my closet to be color coordinated, and at certain times in my life that has meant being in the color spectrum order - Roy G. Biv anyone?  The funny thing about this is I am a very messy/cluttered person, so it is strange that I want these little things placed in a certain way, but I won't obsess with a little dog fur on the couch or a pile of laundry by my dresser.

Alrighty - now you all have a glimpse into my world.  I tag anyone who reads this blog who has their own blog to confess your own OCD tendencies.  Amy N. - I know you have them, hehe.  ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Buddy's first food

While in Illinois Buddy tried his first foods. We discovered licking a dill pickle slice calmed him down when he was cranky. This is odd because his mommy hates dill pickles! He also tried a small bite of Whitey's ice cream. Great Aunt K got a picture of that, I think. Neither of these moments were pediatrician approved. :)
Today Hubby and I fed Buddy something the experts recommend for a first food - mashed bananas. He enjoyed the flavor, but wasn't so sure about actually eating it. He seemed to know to open his mouth pretty well for the spoon, but we discovered he did better eating it off a finger.

Can't believe he turned six months old the other day! We have his doctor appointment for shots and a checkup next week, so we will update you all with his weight/length after that. Please pray that appointment goes well. We switched insurance, so we had to switch doctors. Pray that he handles the shots well, too!

Christmas photos

If you are not on facebook, here are some of the Christmas-y pictures I took of Coleridge yesterday.

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