Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

Last night I got a ton of clothing items/outfits for Cole - brand name, hardly used some brand new - for cheap. I am so excited because he pretty much just had summer clothes and pajamas and onesies. I even got his Halloween costume (technically two of the same costume one in each size he may be then) for a grand total of $3. I am thrilled to not have to pay a ton of money for something he is going to wear for one night - not even trick'or'treating. Our area has a huge consignment sale twice a year, and I got to go early last night (instead of waiting for today) because I am a new mom. They had pretty cute stuff for boys. I do think we mommas of boys get ripped off a bit because girl sections always have so much more, but I am content with my purchases (and more than content with my little boy). I was hoping to find a winter coat, but didn't see anything I liked enough cheap enough - plus I'm not sure what type of coat to get him. Suggestions?
I did find a "cousin Jeremy" shirt - but it won't probably fit him until the end of winter. It was cheaper buying it there than the one I saw online for full price. I found long sleeved shirts, pants, jeans, and sweaters. What is it about baby clothes that are so stinkin' cute?

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