Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 month pictures

These are Buddy's pictures from yesterday. Of course he cried. These are the only pictures that make him cry, I think. Oh well.
Oh, and ever since I typed about how Buddy is sleeping from 11-5, he has stopped and returned to waking up between 2:30-3:30. I guess I jinxed myself.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Late September Update

  • Last week was busy, and though I took some video to put on here for our family and friends near and far, I did not get a chance to upload. Three video clips are posted below.

  • Although Buddy took his shots like a trooper in the office on Monday, he was in a great deal of pain later that afternoon. Both Hubby and I took turns dealing with a very fussy baby. It broke our hearts to hear him cry like that. The last time we had heard those cries, I think he was in the NICU.

  • Buddy is now giving us around 5-6 hours of sleep at one time at night. He has slept from 11ish to 5ish now the last few nights, and he is going back to sleep after eating. It still takes him awhile to settle in at night, but he is doing better. He doesn't really like a binky, and he has found his hand (yet not his thumb) to suck.

  • Buddy is starting to like play time. He is becoming a bit more interactive and slowly learning to smile more, hit toys, and other things. He wants to roll over, but isn't quite there yet!

  • I am trying to get Buddy on the E.A.S.Y. routine (eat, activity, sleep, you - time for Mommy to rest and get work done), but it is taking awhile. He often likes to sleep after he eats or if not sleep, fuss. If we do an activity he would sometimes like to eat again. I know he will get there, it will just take some time since I didn't start this routine from birth--- or rather his "due date" in his case.

  • Speaking of date, Hubby and I went on our first real date since Buddy was born, and our first time with both of us leaving him in someone else's care since he left the NICU. Uncle F-man and Auntie M came over to baby-sit Friday night while Hubby and I went to see a musical with two free tickets we won on the radio. I only called to check in twice! I knew he was in very good and very capable hands, and we were thankful for our time away. (But very glad to be back to see our little guy.) Buddy spit up on Auntie M and snuggled up with Uncle Fman apparently. I forgot to ask if Fman changed the diapers. Somehow I think Auntie M got stuck with that.

  • We are looking forward to seeing family and possibly some friends this weekend for Buddy's dedication. I have managed to scrub the guest bathroom today in anticipation for the company.

  • Whew! If you got through that update, you deserve a gold star.

late September videos

Three videos from September 24.

If you hear Amy Poehler (spelling?) in the background, don't get too excited. That Baby Mama doesn't live with us, and she won't show up in any clips with Buddy. We just had the t.v. on while we were recording Buddy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

4 month checkup

I am happy to report Buddy is 11 lbs 8 oz (almost 5th percentile for 4 month weight!) and 23 3/4 in. long (10th percentile in length). This is with very little supplementing his food this month. The doc said we don't need to supplement any more. He's on the charts with his "peers." :) I guess feeding on demand is working, so its worth it. Developmentally he is just 7 weeks old, and technically he is still a week shy of being 4 months old, so I am thrilled with these numbers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dedication Letters

In just a couple of weeks, we are formally dedicating Buddy to the Lord. We are making a promise to raise him in a godly way - to be committed to Jesus and to each other and to set a sincere example for him.
When I lived in Arizona, the church I attended had a neat dedication service in which the pastor gave the babies letters he had written for them that were to be given to them when they made a decision to follow Jesus. I always thought that was very special. Hubby and I are asking any family and friends who would like to participate with us to write Buddy a letter that he will read when he decides for himself to make Jesus his Lord and Savior. You can send it via email or snail mail by October 4. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the latest

Just a few highlights from the past week or so:

  • Buddy and I enjoyed our week in IL (and Hubby was able to be there for the weekend). It was great for Buddy to meet his great-grandparents and his great-great-grandmother. He traveled very well - sleeping most of the way both ways.

  • Yesterday morning, Buddy gave a real, responsive smile. We spent several minutes smiling at each other. What a fun game! He was so happy. Of course, as soon as I got out the camera/video camera to capture the excitement, the smiles went away. Apparently he is a morning person because we played the smiling game this morning as well.

  • We survived a minor, clumsy accident yesterday. Buddy does not even have a bruise. It is amazing how careful I am about everything, and then the unexpected happens.

  • Speaking of mornings... we all slept 6 straight hours last night. 11 PM - 5 AM without any crying/feeding/diaper changes. It scared me a bit to wake up so "late" as I feared I had missed something. Once I got over that feeling, I realized how wonderful it was to have an almost full night of sleep.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Why is it that the morning I can't go back to sleep Buddy decides he will conk out pretty much immediately after his diaper change/feeding? Silly kid. I need to finish packing for our trip to Illinois.
I might add that he will wake up as soon as I stop holding him. But he's so cute all snuggled up in the weird position he has himself in on my lap. My belly is apparently a great pillow.
I look down at him right now as I type and can't believe how far he has come in three months. My heart is full, my cup overflows, thank you, Jesus.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

Last night I got a ton of clothing items/outfits for Cole - brand name, hardly used some brand new - for cheap. I am so excited because he pretty much just had summer clothes and pajamas and onesies. I even got his Halloween costume (technically two of the same costume one in each size he may be then) for a grand total of $3. I am thrilled to not have to pay a ton of money for something he is going to wear for one night - not even trick'or'treating. Our area has a huge consignment sale twice a year, and I got to go early last night (instead of waiting for today) because I am a new mom. They had pretty cute stuff for boys. I do think we mommas of boys get ripped off a bit because girl sections always have so much more, but I am content with my purchases (and more than content with my little boy). I was hoping to find a winter coat, but didn't see anything I liked enough cheap enough - plus I'm not sure what type of coat to get him. Suggestions?
I did find a "cousin Jeremy" shirt - but it won't probably fit him until the end of winter. It was cheaper buying it there than the one I saw online for full price. I found long sleeved shirts, pants, jeans, and sweaters. What is it about baby clothes that are so stinkin' cute?