Monday, August 17, 2009


I took Buddy to his apnea doctor today. According to the computer data, the last alarms we've had have been false. So basically he hasn't had any true events since end of July/coming off of his caffeine. We left the office without the monitor, which was a good thing because it was POURING down rain and difficult enough to get Buddy into the car quickly. It is so strange to be able to pick him up without grabbing the monitor and holding the wires. Other than bathtimes, this is the first time I've held him not hooked up to anything since he was born. It feels good.
I am worried how I will sleep tonight. Premature apnea does not come back - it is something babies outgrow. I worry about SIDS and other "normal mommy" worries, but I'm hoping with time this lessens. (Or is replaced with new worries - such as him dating and driving- neither of which he is doing until he is 25, haha.)
Buddy is between clothing sizes again. Some of his newborn outfits are snug or too short, but some of his 0-3 month outfits are too big. I just can't believe he is almost out of his newborn sizes though. Amazing. He seems so big to us now. Just the other night when we were giving him his bath, Hubbyand I were discussing how chunky Buddy has gotten. This skinny little baby who fit inside a nurse's pocket at one point is getting tiny rolls on his body. Today's weigh in said he is eight pounds three ounces (two weeks ago he was six pounds thirteen ounces), and he is now twenty inches long. The kid likes to eat - even with his spitup/reflux issues - so we are very thankful the eating is working.
I hope to take some new pictures soon and post them within a day or two.

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