Thursday, August 27, 2009

school visit

This afternoon over lunch I took Buddy up to school to a)visit my (former)co-teacher for her belated birthday and b)see some people while they were eating after my visit. Buddy cooperated for the most part after a rough morning getting ready. Why a rough morning? Well, I decided to use the bottle to a)make sure he was going to eat enough before our venture out and b)he typically eats faster that method than the other. However, while eating, though hungry and his "time" to eat, he kept spitting out the food. I could not figure out why. After several minutes of struggle with a fussy baby and a confused and slightly frustrated momma, I switched to another form of food which he took fine. We finished getting ready and went on our way. On my drive about halfway down Sunshine it dawned on me. I mixed his formula wrong. I'm supposed to supplement his breastmilk one way and water for formula another, and I gave the scoops according to water instead of milk. Basically he was eating a VERY rich lunch. Luckily he was smart enough to spit it out - smarter than mommy.
Anyhoo - he was a pretty good baby for our visit. I miss seeing my friends. I still have the same peace about my decision for this year, but that peace doesn't take away missing things from "my old life." I appreciated everyone's kind words about my little guy, and of course for everyone washing their hands before touching him. We hope to be back up again before cold and flu season hits. We most likely won't be in a building full of germy kiddos this winter! :)

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