Friday, August 21, 2009

random bullets

Some random thoughts:

  • Buddy wants to be held most of the time. He is usually unhappy when I put him down. He will wake up to inform me that it is not okay with him. I have a Dr. Sears sling. He does not enjoy being in that. Blah. I'd love to be a baby-wearing mama and Buddy would probably enjoy it if we can find the right contraption. I don't want to "waste" more money figuring it out.

  • He is very snuggly. The way he hangs on reminds me of a baby monkey on his mama's back. (Don't worry - I don't let him cling to my back.)

  • I have become an expert at typing with one hand since my other hand is supporting Buddy in the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed.

  • We can't figure out Buddy's sleeping habits. It is not as simple as day/night confusion. He actually has days (24+ hour periods) he doesn't sleep much, and then other days that is all he'll do.

  • I hope to make use of the stroller tonight. The weather here is beautiful, and I'd like to go for a walk. I discovered LouAnn (the car in the garage) does not hold the carseat well, so I'm stuck until I can fix that or until Hubby gets home with the other car. (If anyone would like to buy us a newish car.... haha.)

  • I was able to shower today while Hubby was at work. This is a huge accomplishment. Buddy sat in his bouncer contentedly in the bathroom for a short period of time, I think because he had new surroundings to observe.

  • Ten years ago this weekend I started my college experience. I am considering fighting the bookstore madness tomorrow to buy Buddy an EU onesie.

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