Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buddy's big adventure today was spitting up all over himself, his Boppy, and the couch. About 60 mL of spit up, I'd guess. That's 2 ounces for those of you who aren't sure of the mL/ounce conversion, haha.

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  1. These pics are great!! Ahh...spit up!! Just when you think you've surely outgrown that returns. I fed Luke six ounces on Monday night.....just like I do 4 times a day, everyday. Well. he finished and I had him upright so he could burp. WHOA! My entire oufit plus the recliner soaked! Guessing it was all six ounces. Andrew walks in the door to see me CoVeReD in formula. And of course, all I could do was give him the look of , "Don't even ask!" :o)


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