Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Up 9 ounces

Things are starting to fall into place a little bit here at our house. We had a pretty relaxing weekend at home - as relaxing as one can get on interrupted sleep and no sleeping in on Saturday. A trip to the Muddhouse (to go) was made on Sunday. I figure if Buddy is getting a daily dose of caffeine, I can indulge on a Death by Chocolate muffin and an Elvis frozen coffee every now and then.
Yesterday I was very productive, and it felt good. My "control binder" of things to do each day is working. Now I don't have a lot of things to do yet because I don't want to be overwhelmed and frustrated, but I am managing to keep up with laundry, the house doesn't look like a complete disaster, and sometimes there is dinner. I am also trying to do a little something each day that didn't get done in the nesting phase which didn't happen since I missed out on most of the third trimester! This week's task is cleaning out the dressers in our room, and maybe the closet. Two drawers were cleaned yesterday, none today so far. But I'm okay with that because today I accomplished something extraordinary...
I went out with Buddy and his monitor by myself! It is quite the task to get us ready to go the doctor since I never know how late the doc will run. Feed and change Buddy, pump, pack last minute things in diaper bag, load car. We arrived on time and with no crisis. The monitor only beeped once, and that was at the elevator in the doctor's office, not in the car. And the bad drivers of  Missouri were apparently off the road this morning. The slow drivers were still out, but the scary bad drivers were at work or sleeping or something. Another good thing is it didn't rain, as I thought I heard it might today. Thank you, Jesus. Seriously. I prayed for the rain to stay away this morning.
Buddy gained nine ounces in a week. The doctor was pleased. He is now 6 pounds 3 ounces. She doesn't need to see him again until his 4 month check-up in 2 months, unless I wanted to do a weight check in a month. I did. I made that appointment already. She hopes he is in the fifth percentile by his 4 month check-up. I am not concerned with the charts. As long as he is gaining weight and healthy, I know that he might not be on the charts still in two more months. If he has my genes, he will catch up because when I was two year old the charts said I was the size of a three or four year old, and I was predicted to be at least 6 feet tall as an adult. I am 5'7". So the charts are a nice guide, but they aren't everything, and in our situation they really don't mean much at all to me.
Well, that was a very long post about our regular, boring old life. I LOVE that it is a regular life now, and I am good with boring for awhile. Boring is a blessing. :)

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