Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today officially started around 4 AM. Diaper change & feeding and still a fussy Cole. I had to replenish Cole's food supply so about 5 AM with Cole still fussing I did a handoff to Mike. 5:30 AM - Cole is still fussing. He ate an additional 20 mL of food at this time and went to sleep. I think I fell asleep around 6 AM.
8 AM - Amazed Cole slept this late, but all his fussing and that extra snack he demanded must have helped. Diaper, get meds prepared, feeding, more fussiness as I again try to "do my thing" (as my friend Erica calls it), and a second diaper change.
9:30ish (I think) Eat a bagel breakfast thing my mom left (very good, Mom, and super convenient) and clean up morning's mess and last night's mess.
11:00ish - Quick check of email/facebook & start laundry
11:30 - Cole is up and ready to eat again. Similar routine to 8 AM. He is less fussy at this point. I think I did something else after this. I think I ate something around this time.
12:50?? - Fall asleep on couch while Cole naps in his room.
1:20 - Forrest calls to come over to mow our yard. Thank you!
1:30 - Again, the Cole routine. I might mention here that having the monitor/wires adds some extra time because the wires want to always get in the diaper change, and I have to unplug/plug in the monitor in each room we go.
2:20 - Change the laundry. Hang up the laundry. Wash bottles.
3:00 - Make sandwich. Check internet. Think about plan for dinner.

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