Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look out June Cleaver

Today is the day I am officially calling my first day as a stay-at-home mom. No NICU, no mom ("Babushka") - just Buddy and me. He made the day fairly easy for me, and saved his fussing for this evening while Hubby was home. I got a couple of "household" things done, but the majority of the day was baby stuff - diapers, feeding, bottles, etc. I did have a June Cleaver moment. Dinner was cooked and on the table at the exact moment Hubby came home from work. That will probably never happen again, but I was pretty proud of myself. (I might add that the two veggie items were cooked in the microwave, so June Cleaver/Martha Stewart I am not!)
It is a strange feeling. All of my teacher friends are on facebook writing about their upcoming school year, and I am not. Instead I am making a scope and sequence for housework that never got done regularly while I was working outside of the home. Yes, I am a nerd, and since I can't plan out a school year this year, I am typing up schedules and spreadsheets for a variety of things that now fill my life. I may have to make a Staples run in the next few days for a binder for my new paperwork. I can't let the end of July/beginning of August go by without SOME back-to-school shopping...even if I am not going back to school!


  1. Hey, I noticed that Staples had a 3-hole punch on sale (the type that you can store in the binder) this week for a few dollars. I'm glad that you got to enjoy being June Cleaver today. May there be many more days like this for you!!! I love and miss you! Mom

  2. Haha! I guess the instinct for back to school shopping never truly leaves a teacher! ;) I'm glad that you are excited about it.

  3. This is hilarious!! All of this week, I've been planning my new schedule....days I'll clean bathrooms, change sheets, dust, vacuum......mixed with play time, nap time, reading time, music time, outside time. LOL! Now that I think about it, it probably is my inner "teacher"....... needing to make a new schedule, organize, get everything together...after all, it is almost August 1st. :o) Heck, I might even type up a parent letter to give to Andrew to let him know all we're doing here at home while he's at work. Ha! ;-)I'm so impressed with you getting dinner on the table right when Mike got home. Amazing!!!Well, here's to a different kind of teaching! I think we've got our best class yet...although heavy on the boy side! :)


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