Thursday, July 23, 2009

June Cleaver is Over-rated

Our family took a road trip to Chick-Fil-A (ate in the car) and Andy's tonight. Yay giftcards! Because I was certainly not June Cleaver today. June Cleaver is highly overrated.
Words cannot describe my day. Buddy kept me on my toes. (Or should I say he kept me on my heals since I naturally am on my toes, haha.)
We used his new bathtub (thanks 2nd Cousin Missie and Great Aunt Bonnie!), and he survived his first "real" bathtime experience. He smells so good and he looks so sweet when he was all dried off and in a clean pair of jammies. He is sleeping for the next hour (???), and we are hoping tonight is less stressful than last night. Being pooped AND peed on at 5 AM (after being up since 4 AM) is not a great thing for a non-morning person. Luckily Buddy is so stinkin' cute that I have ALMOST forgotten about last night's events. Almost.

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  1. I agree June Cleaver is highly over-rated!!!! :)


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