Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Day at Home

I am doubtful I will be updating quite as frequently now, but I will still update as often as I can. Some highlights from our first evening/morning at home:
-Buddy did great on his car ride home from the hospital. Pretty much slept and made funny faces at all the potholes in town. And every idiot driver was on the road yesterday at 3:45. Seriously.
-Buddy had his circumcision at the hospital yesterday morning. Horrible for this momma to see the pain it caused her baby once the drugs wore off. He was not quite himself yesterday or even this morning, I think because of the ordeal.
-Just after we swore we would not be at St. John's for a very long time, I found myself up there last night a) to get my car and b) to get a prescription filled even though we were told get it filled at Walgreen's because they were the only one who had some of his stuff. (They lied - Walgreens did not have most of it anywhere in town, but St. John's did. Grrr... Oh well.)
-Buddy has slept a lot. But it always seems when we are about to sleep he gets fussy or his monitor beeps.
-His monitor helps give me peace of mind. I was able to sleep soundly from about 2-4 AM. Exhaustion overtook my worry.
-Our dog E LOVES Buddy already. Every time he cries or fusses, she is there. She "leads" the way for me when I put him down to sleep. She cried when he had a painful diaper change yesterday. She is very gentle around him. I seriously think she thinks SHE is the momma.
- My mom is here helping me learn the ropes of this stuff. I am so thankful. Her dog, Bear, is also a big fan of the baby already.
-Buddy does not seem to mind the dogs sniffing him.
-He likes to spit-up. A lot. He has acid reflux and the medicine doesn't seem to make much of a difference. He does not like to burp. He does like to poop. A lot.
-I am off to try to take a nap while he does.

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  1. My sister read an article that when an expectant woman who has a dog while pregnant, the baby will be less likely to be scared of or be awakened or startled by a dog and its barking. They get used to hearing it in the womb so it doesnt bother them when they are a baby. It totally is true, at least with my nephew. The dogs barking never awakened him. He's 18 months old now and he LOVES the dogs and they love him. When he cries they want to help. One of the dogs is about 60 pounds and Reid (my nephew) just lays on top of him or sits on top of him while he watches TV and the dog doesnt mind at all. It's so sweet!


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