Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 44 - Sleep Study Results

According to the sleep study results, Buddy has apnea. They have put him back on his caffeine and will do another test probably tomorrow. When he comes home (we don't know when that is now) he will come home on caffeine and a monitor. This is apparently a normal thing to happen when a preemie comes home. Having the monitor will also put our minds at ease until things really "click" for him developmentally.
Buddy was also given blood, and they have started him on some vitamins and iron. He seems much better today at all of our visits so far. Today's nurse has shown us a new way to feed him - on his side, and we are trying out a different bottle because he may have "outgrown" the one he was using. So far his feeding today has had no choking, and we are thankful for that.
Today is a much better day for our little boy. His color is back a little bit, and he is starting to seem like himself again. We continue to pray for his development, his health, and those who are in charge of caring for/making decisions for him. We are thankful for the phone calls and emails we have received encouraging us and reminding us how much our family is loved and prayed for.


  1. Glad to hear he seems better for you guys today! Let us know if you need anything!

  2. Love you and you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a dedicated mommy! Thanks for the updates!

  3. Eddie and Sarah brought Adalynn home on caffeine and a monitor. You can read about their experience on their blog. Just thought I would mention that.Praying for you!Kristy Homan

  4. We already love little Buddy and are praying for him (and you) every day.Jen (ferguson) Miller Family


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