Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 41

It has been 40 days and 40 nights in the NICU. This storm seems to be lifting, though. I have been told that I should take the required infant CPR class tomorrow. It has to be taken within a week of leaving the NICU, and so if all goes well, Buddy should be home in a week or less! We are hoping to hear that we can go to Care-By-Parent soon (which is the last step before leaving), but we want to be certain he is ready, so we will wait as long as it takes to keep him safe. He is still learning to pace himself when he eats. Buddy is very eager at feeding time, and he would suck down the whole bottle without a breath if it was possible. We have to help him especially during the first part of feeding, but usually by the end he remembers to stop and take a breath without us reminding/making him.
I made a list of things (cleaning/organizing mostly) that I must get done before the baby comes home, and then another list of things that would be nice to get done before then. I have the biggest items off the "must be done" list, and just a few things left on that list. I keep looking around and seeing other things that I want to do to get ready, but I refuse to add anything else to those lists until everything else is crossed off. In the big picture, it really doesn't matter if these things don't get done.

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