Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 39 - NICU Too

Today was a pretty good day. Buddy continues to do well at eating. He is taking almost or all of his feedings each time. There have been only a couple of times he has to have a little go down his tube, and it isn't very much. The nurse today was talking about him getting that NG tube moved in the next couple of days. His IV fluids were removed tonight, and he has just a couple more rounds of antibiotics. Although bundled up like a little burrito baby, Buddy is keeping his temperature high enough to keep staying in his "big boy bed."
Tonight when we got there and called in to get admitted to the NICU, they told us Buddy had been moved to NICU Too (I always thought it was NICU2). Apparently this is a good thing. He is well enough to be in an annex with about 5 other babies and 2 nurses. It is just around the corner from the NICU. We are excited because all of these things mean he is closer to being able to come home.
We are praying he continues to breathe well and maintain his temperature. We are also praying that he really gets the sucking/swallowing/breathing thing coordinated. He had a choking spell while the nurse was feeding him today that was pretty scary to watch (though the nurse did a great job during it). He is 4 lbs 14 oz tonight, so in just a couple of days he should hit the 5 lb mark! I can't believe it
Please pray that there are no more setbacks to Buddys progress. I would love to bring him home before his due date. I am ready to hold him when I want rather than just at touch times.

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