Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 38

I am tired. Friday, Saturday & today I thought I found balance between festivities and lots of Buddy visits each day. Now that he's doing well on the bottle I want to be up at almost all of his feedings - which means every 3 hours. Also fit in pumping, driving, & trying to do some normal life things and that leads to tiredness. It is completely worth the exhaustion to see him, but it is still exhausting. Welcome to motherhood. :)
Buddy is trying out a "big boy bed" tonight - basically a smaller bed in the NICU where he will have to regulate his heat instead of having his own personal heater on/in the bed. He is bundled up like the little brother in the snow on A Christmas Story. We shall see if he gets to stay in this bed or if he'll have to try again when he is a little bigger.

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  1. That is SO exciting that they are at least letting him try the big boy bed...and, who knows, he might just like it enough and decide to stay there!Eeekkk!!....I just see more and more signs of "GOING HOME" time!! :o)Yes...motherhood...exhaustion...they just go together. LOL!Enjoy a good cup of Starbucks in Buddy's new mug. Since we had to give they boys liquid caffeine drops even after they got home, I figured...hey, what's a little espresso gonna hurt? It sure helped me during those 3 am feeds. :)


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