Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 AM blog

Before Buddy I knew having kids would mean giving up sleep. My beloved sleep. But I didn't quite understand how much sleep I'd give up.
11:30ish PM - Buddy begins sleeping - This is the long stretch tonight for which I am thankful
2:30AM - Alarm goes off for my appointment w/ Medela
2:35 - Finally have things set to go - I move slowly in the middle of the night.
2:40AM - Buddy cries,Hubby  changes diaper, I clean up what I have barely started
2:45 - I feed Buddy
3:05ish - I attempt to burp Buddy (and yes I burp him midfeed too - doesn't help)
3:15 - Buddy stinks... for the record I change the nastiest diaper thus far.
3:25 - Back to bed, but not for long. No sleep - fussy baby. Another eruption occurs
3:45 - Diaper change
3:53 - Attempt sleep, baby is not allowing this to happen. More burping attempts, binky rejected, snuggling rejected
4:20ish - Still cranky (both Buddy & me), more poop (that's Buddy, not me), diaper change (these are not little poops either)
4:30ish - Buddy still refuses to sleep. He is not out of control fussy, but fussy none the less. Nothing works,
4:45 - Decide to try feeding again since he is rooting. Bottle made, Buddy fed, burp attempt again
5:00 - I figure since I have to get up in 30-45 minutes for another appointment with Medela, I might as well just take care of business early.
Thank goodness for facebook and blogging or I would have just fallen asleep hooked up to my machine.
5:20AM - Finishing blog on my night and cleaning up before going back to bed. I will probably see a precious little baby sleeping away as the birds are now chirping.


  1. lol"more poop (that's Buddy, not me)"

  2. I think I have set a new world record for the number of times the word "poop" was written in a single blog entry.


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