Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 6 - A Good Day!

Today was a very eventful day for Buddy.
First of all, when I arrived this morning he was moved from his isolation room to the area of the NICU with the other babies. His sunglasses were off because his skin is looking good, and he doesn't need the light treatment any more for jaundice.
This afternoon when we got there he was moving quite a bit, and he opened his eyes. Even though his eyes are blue right now, the expression of his eyes look so much like Hubby. Mom and I were both like, "He looks like M right now!" We also watched him get a breathing treatment, which consisted of his back being thumped to get anything out of his lungs.
When Hubby and I came for our nighttime visit, Buddy had received TWO feedings, which he has handled well. His stomach emptied like it was supposed to, and so far no complications. Please pray that continues to go well. The nurse asked if we wanted to stick around till 9:30ish so that I could hold him when they did his 9:30/10:00 routine. So of course we stayed. Hubby was able to take Buddy's temperature tonight and had his first experience changing a diaper. Buddy tried to squirt him during the diaper change, but hubby was able to cover up the spray with a wet wipe. We all got a good laugh about the joke Buddy played on Daddy. :)
Tonight I was able to hold my baby for about 15 mintues. What an ordeal just to hold him. Get me a gown and a chair, get him wrapped up all warm in a blanket, make sure all his cords/tubes are going to reach, get settled.
What an amazing feeling! I got choked up, which made my nose run, which hubby had to grab the tissue for me since I didn't have free hand nor did I want to get those germs on the baby. Hubby took lots of pictures and the nurse took one of our family together. I will try to upload those tomorrow for those of you who don't have facebook.
We are so thankful for a good day today. We cherish every moment, every milestone. We know that it is the prayers of our friends and family that are helping our little guy with his health and is giving us the ability to have energy to get through each day, to help us remain calm and not crabby, and to rely on God, each other, and our amazing support system.

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  1. Glad to hear he's making such progress. What a darling little guy you have! Congratulations! We're praying for you all. Much love from Jen Millers family


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