Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 33 - More of the Roller Coaster - (Update at bottom)

This morning I went in for my visit with Buddy. He was pretty alert, so the nurse gave him a bottle to try. He ate the whole thing in about 10 minutes without any problems. Then I was able to burp him (which he did quickly) and hold him. He was very alert during all of this.
This afternoon I went back in to visit. When I got there, I knew something was up because the IV machines were by his bed. The nurse approached me to tell me that this morning the found blood in his stool. It wasn't a lot, but they take everything very seriously. It could be something small or this could indicate something major. So they have stopped his feedings (again) and put him back on antibiotics. Both of these things will last at least three days. Buddy's coloring was also a little off this afternoon, and he slept the whole time. I was not able to hold him because of him being hooked up. I dread going back tomorrow and/or Thursday because about that time his little tummy will get hungry, and my sweet happy baby will be very angry (understandably) followed later by very lethargic.
I really hate all of this. I hate being able to do nothing but wait and see. I hate that things go well and I get my hopes up only to have things go back to how they were. I know things could be so much worse. I am thankful that the medical staff is very attentive and on the ball to catch things early. My head understands all of this, but my heart has rarely experienced such pain.
The last 24 hours have been difficult for me because I have had two different doctors appointments - one leaving me disappointed and the other one leaving me a bit worried. I am having something checked out tomorrow at noon, so please pray that it turns out to be no big deal rather than something else.
Please pray for our sweet baby - that the doctors figure out what is wrong and can fix it easily and quickly, that Buddy would be as pain-free as possible, and that he would bounce back from this setback.
Please pray for me - my health concerns and my emotions at this time. I started crying both when the nurse told me what was going on as well as when the OT lady came to talk to me about something unrelated. Pray for my faith as it also feels like it is on a roller coaster ride.
Pray for Hubby - he will be out of town Wednesday night and Thursday for Step 2 in his pursuit of an opportunity for our future.

9:30 PM Update - Two cultures on Buddy's stools have come back negative. The nurse tonight explained that if these cultures were positive it would be pretty bad, and he would have been off feedings for at least 7 days and put in an isolation room. So we are very thankful he does not have these two things (can't remember their names). His belly x-rays came back okay. We still have to wait a couple of more days on all the other cultures, so he will not be eating for awhile.

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  1. So praying for you sweetie! Can't even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you are feeling. I do remember Eddie and Sarah going through a lot of the good days/bad days-1 step forward 2 steps back. They were so helpless at that point. What a difficult place to be, and that is an understatement I am sure. Love you and praying! Kristy Homan


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