Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 30 & Day 31

I didn't update last night because I was pretty tired after a very fun night at my friend's wedding. It was great catching up with some dear college friends, and I hated to leave the fun. CONGRATS DEB AND JARED!
Buddy was supposed to attend the wedding via womb, but instead we had free babysitting (or really expensive baby-sitting) provided by the NICU nurses. I think it was the first night that Hubby and I did not go up for our evening touch time. We did stop in briefly on our way home from the reception.
Buddy is still learning to eat from a bottle - building those cheek/mouth muscles and learning to coordinate sucking, breathing, and swallowing. It is an exhausting thing for such a little guy. The doctor is not allowing us to feed him any more until he gets a little better at eating. This is hard for me because I feel like I miss out on some bonding time. I understand the reasoning, but it doesn't make it easy.
This afternoon when Hubby and I were up after church, Buddy took his whole bottle (I think he's up to 40 mL) in a really good amount of time without too much difficulty. Then he was very alert for most of the time Hubby was holding him. Our little guy loves to look around and take in his surroudings. He is also doing really well responding to/recognizing our voices.

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