Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 27

Buddy had two successful bottle feeds with me today - taking almost all of each bottle. The nurse this morning said the doctors gave permission to have him work on his sucking/bottle feeding at each nurse's discretion rather than just once a day. He is so alert, especially at the beginning of this feedings. I love the little sounds and looks he has.
He is up to 4 lbs. 3 oz, and tonight they took him off of his IV fluids. I think they said tomorrow they are going to add calorie supplement to his milk. Again, I ask for prayer for his digestive system. I really don't want him to have another setback and be taken off food again.
The best thing was tonight we were told we can bring clothes for him to wear tomorrow! They put him in a little outfit that actually we all thought looked a bit small. Not small in width, but his little legs barely fit in the pajamas in which the NICU put him. So I am bringing a couple preemie things and newborn things to see which work tomorrow. He looked so cute in pajamas, but I didn't have my camera tonight. :( The nurse took his picture with the NICU camera, but she hasn't printed them yet. Hopefully they will be there tomorrow.
I am still feeling run-down sometimes emotionally and physically. Even though Buddy is doing well, I have moments where I am sad for a variety of reasons. But when I am up at the hospital holding my little boy, my exhaustion and sadness dissolve.

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