Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 26 - Real Feeding

Yesterday the nurse had me begin pseudo-nursing. The NICU has babies bottle feed before they nurse, but they also allow babies to learn what they are supposed to be doing during cuddle-care/skin-to-skin time. I won't describe the experience on this blog, but having people walk by you at your less-than-modest moments with only 1 screen sheltering you isn't quite how I imagined motherhood.
Tonight we found out that there is "an order" (aka permission) to start feeding Buddy once a day by bottle. This is a huge step! Hubby did the feeding tonight. Buddy took about half of his bottle (10 out of 21 mL), and the rest he didn't take they put in his tube. He has done really well with both new experiences.
We are praying that he continues to digest well. It was when he got to about 1 oz of food that he had issues last time. Please pray with us that he continues to do well so we can get him home with us as soon as possible.

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