Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 25

Today is day 24. Buddy was very alert this morning when I came to visit. The nurses noted how observant he is. He wants to take everything in. Immediately I remember that this is a sign that my child is gifted! Thanks, Becky R! :)
We had a great morning snuggling - mommy and baby. I also had a good visit with him this afternoon. Buddy continues to be without oxygen. They are trying to get him an isolette again to help keep out some of the noise of the NICU. (Think Vegas casino and those are the noises of the NICU.) They also are doing his feeding through his nose now because it is more comfortable for him, which means we were able to see his whole face! I tried taking pictures tonight, but they did not turn out so great.
Buddy is now up to 4 lbs. 4.02 lbs or 4 lbs 2 oz. We aren't quite sure because we didn't get a great look at the scale. But we know it is over 4 lbs!! We are so excited. He is also up to 17 mL of milk. Please continue to pray that he does well with remembering to breathe and his digestive system handles everything well this time.


  1. You made me cry here at the hairdresser's while my hair is getting colored. The videos are fabulous!! Love, Mom

  2. Precious videos! Hes looking so good. Praise Jesus! Made me cry too.Love, Jen (ferguson) Miller

  3. I cried too. Uncle Jerry said he was very cute. I thought it was funny you compared NICU to Vegas. I get tired of hearing the casino noises too. Love, GREAT Aunt Karin


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