Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 22

Today we were lucky to have lots of visits with our little guy. Hubby was able to go during his lunch break and got off work a little early and visited then, and I had my regular visits. Buddy was very lethargic during our several visits throughout the day. When I went in the afternoon they had just finished putting in a new pic line, and I was told he would be getting 7 days worth of antibiotic, and the nurse hadn't heard anything about restarting his feeding. This information was very disheartening in addition to the fact that the baby hadn't been very responsive lately - he barely would open his eyes during our visits, whereas last week he was much more interactive with us.
Tonight when we went up to the hospital the doctor told us that they took Buddy off of his antibiotics and that they may restart feeding tomorrow. He explained that "babies are precious; life is precious" so they take every precaution they can. Buddy had his eyes open a little bit, and seemed a little more responsive than he has the last couple of days. We are hoping things continue to improve. A very good piece of news is that although he has been on the IV and not food, he is now up to 3 lbs. 14 oz. We are thankful he has gained weight this week.

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