Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 20

I love roller coasters at theme parks. The faster, the higher, the loopier (is that a word?) the better. I do not love the roller coaster ride I have been on the last couple of days, though I know it could be so much worse, and I am thankful that it is not as bad as others' rides.
This morning a very angry Buddy greeted me in the NICU. The nurse on duty kept saying to him, "Why are you angry?" Well, I do not have a medical degree, but I think he is angry because he has not had any food for over a day, he has a hood over his head which limits his squirming, and he has a bunch of tubes and wires coming out of him. I let my baby know that he has a right to be crabby. It was the most heart-wrenching thing to sit there for about 45 minutes watching him cry and being unable to do anything to comfort him. I just tried talking to him and touching his little hand or arm. I cried as he cried.
He was still fussy during my afternoon visit and Hubby's visit after work, but not as angry as the morning. He was sleeping/resting during most of these visits.
Tonight we went up, and I was relieved to see one of the sweetest nurses in charge of our son tonight. She is very grandmotherly. He was a bit angry at the beginning of the visit, but she talked so nicely to him the whole time. His oxygen hood is off, so we will see if he is able to continue to just breathe room air again. His IVs in his head and foot had issues today, so now he has one in his hand, and he has this big wrap thing around it. So far the cultures are negative for infection (which is good), but tomorrow is day 3 of those cultures. The nurse said his looping looks like it is gone as far as she and the afternoon nurse can tell from the outside, and she mentioned that they may try feeding again tomorrow. We shall see.
We are praying that he has good rest tonight, and that his cultures turn out okay. We are also praying that he has excellent breathing with minimal or zero DSATs. Finally we are praying that the looping is gone, and whatever the issue there was will be resolved so he can eat again if it is safe to do so.
We are amazed at the facebook messages, emails, phone calls and comments on this blog that we get reminding us that people all over the country and even world are praying for, rooting for, and caring for Buddy and for us. God continues to be with us in this journey - handling our questions, frustrations, complaints, and thanksgivings, and providing people to help us and encourage us through the highs and lows.

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