Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 19

Just a brief update before we go back up to the hospital.

Buddy's looping on his stomach happens sometimes with premature babies. They have sent bloodwork/cultures to the lab to see if he has an infection. This could take up to 3 days. For now, they have him on antibiotics, and his feedings have had to stop. I know that they did an x-ray this morning, and I am assuming that turned out okay because the doctor and nurse have not mentioned anything was wrong on those. We basically have to wait for the lab results before we know what we are dealing with. He has an IV right now in his head (apparently this is a normal place for babies), he had a blood transfusion today, and he will get his picline tomorrow. The doctor informed us that this is serious, but Buddy is doing okay. The doctor also said they are being proactive in treating what may be an infection so they do not have to treat a sicker baby later. He mentioned a couple of potential scenarios, one of which included the phrase "spinal tap" - but we are praying that the antibiotics work or that Buddy was just not ready to handle his feedings since he still should be in the womb for about 8 more weeks and backing up a bit cures whatever is wrong.
Buddy was a bit fussy and pretty active/alert this afternoon when we visited. The nurse informed us this is a good thing because if he felt really bad he wouldn't be so active/responsive.
Thank you again for praying for our family. If there is anything else to report after tonight's visit I will try to post tonight or tomorrow morning.

10:15 PM UPDATE:
X-ray tonight showed there is still looping on stomach or intestines (can't remember which). He had a pretty significant DSAT while we were there - in the 40s. He turned a grayish color for a little bit (which apparently is not as bad as blue, but it isn't a good color, like pink.) Praying Buddy remembers to breathe tonight and everything with his digestive system turns out okay soon. Still waiting on the cultures.

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  1. I have been praying for you and Buddy all day! I love you! Mom


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