Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 16

Sometimes I feel like I am running out of steam by about 6:00. For example, today I was up at 7:00, did what I needed to do here at home, was off to the hospital for an hour at 7:45, ate breakfast and ran with my mom to get household items we needed (paper towels, napkins, etc.). Came home to take care of some things here, ate lunch, took a brief nap, got some things done for Buddy, went back to the hospital, met my family for dinner, came back to play a game of cards, sent "the grandparents" to visit the baby, finishing up some laundry with Hubby, and we are about to go back up to the hospital. I could crawl into bed right now and sleep for about 3 days straight, but I won't. I don't want to miss time with my little one or skip the things I need to do for him.

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  1. know that feeling friend!! It's amazing the little things you'll grow to appreciate after this whole experience is over :o)


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