Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 15

Buddy is 2 weeks old today - almost to the exact moment I am typing this entry.
"Meemaw" and "Grampy" are both in town this weekend. I was able to hold Buddy for the first time in a few days(due to a variety of circumstances), and Hubby was able to do skin-to-skin time again tonight. We have the same day nurse we have had for a couple of days now, and I really like her. The night nurse is a new face to me, but I really liked the impression I had of her tonight. He continues to have some breathing issues today, but they aren't as frequent, and they aren't as severe.


  1. Great news, Amanda! I've been wanting to call for two days now, but our schedule has been way busy this week. I always check on here for updates. Thanks for writing these...I know it's not easy to keep up! (I never did keep up with ours!) Love to all of you!! Are meals helpful right now? On the calendar, it's Monday and Thursday...are those the days you need them most or would another be ok too?

  2. Thanks, Kristi. I think meals are helpful whenever because then I can spend the afternoon at the hospital and go back with Mike in the evening. I say I think because this week still didn't seem "normal" since I had family in town some of the week. I am really hoping to get on some sort of routine now that I can drive again. It was really good to see you guys the other night. We love you and your family!

  3. Okay. I went ahead and signed up on the calendar. (that's a handy little tool!) We love you guys too!


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