Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 11

So we have loved our NICU nurses. They treat Buddy with such tender loving care. Tonight we had one that I did not like. At all. She came in at 3 when I was there, and usually I get to hold Buddy at 3, but I did not while she was there. Then we came back for our usual 8:30ish-10ish time, and again, we did not get to hold him. Not only that but he had trouble breathing a few times while we were there, and she did not seem all that concerned to me, the momma. She also had some other things that I would label under "incompetent." She let us know that she is normally not in the NICU - just with the newborns. So as a school teacher I know that sometimes I luck out and get a great sub, but normally I get some random person that has been pulled off the street to teach my class. "Father Time", "Guy Who Sleeps," "Woman Who Ignores Plans and Has Kids Make Paper Airplanes." In a classroom, I can deal with a not-so-great sub. In the NICU I cannot. We just talked a couple weeks ago in Sunday school about being an advocate for your children - and here is my chance to start. I was very emotional leaving, and finally pulled myself together to call the supervisor. I made sure to mention how much we loved our other nurses, but then specificallly told the supervisor my concerns. She was very nice, said she would keep an eye on this person, and that a NICU nurse would be watching Buddy in about an hour at the shift change.
I realized tonight how much I HATE our son being in the hospital. I know that he needs the care they provide, and like I said, other than this evening we have been very happy with how things are going up there. Tonight I just wish I could be the person to provide everything my baby needs, and it breaks my heart to be here instead of there. I am running on very little sleep today, so I have to be home to get caught up on my rest, otherwise I would be up there on the floor in a sleeping bag. :)

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