Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday update

Had some bleeding and contractions start up again Tuesday/Wednesday around 1:30 AM. Those settled down later in the morning (I think - it is all becoming a blur of what happened when). I was able to get some sleep last night even with that going on. Exhaustion took over.
I was able to shower this afternoon. It is amazing how much better a little soap and shampoo can make you feel.
They don't know specifically what has caused the bleeding/contractions, but the nurse said they have ruled out all the typical "bad things." She explained what they are guessing caused it - which is pretty much in non-medical terms "just one of those things." Obviously she explained it a little better.
I am taking a pill now every 6 or so hours to keep the contractions away. They have moved me out of the labor and delivery room to a room down the hall still in the women's section. I couldn't tell you more about the wing because my tour and birthing classes are schedule for NEXT month. :) The room I am in requires less monitoring since everything is going well. I am still on bedrest except I have the freedom to get up to use the restroom. I will never take this freedom for granted ever again.
I am heading to sleep now but a couple of specific prayer requests:
*No bleeding/contractions tonight/tomorrow
*If all goes well tonight/in the morning, my parents will head back to IL

*All of the unknowns about the upcoming days/weeks - especially not knowing when I get to go home and hubby starting his new job next Monday.
We have been completely blessed by the messages everyone has sent via facebook/email/etc. I am much less the emotional wreck I thought I would be, and I know that is only because of the power of prayer and loved ones encouraging us.

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