Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Bleeding started again 3:30 AM accompanied by contractions. More ultrasound testing, shot to stop contractions,and I have to stay in bed now.
Specific prayer request this morning - my dr. came in about an hour ago to talk to me about C-section possibilties and then he met with the high risk dr. Baby continues to look good - they have his monitor off right now b/c he looks good and he moves around too much to keep on the monitor. They are still monitoring my contractions. They gave me a different medicine just now to help with contractions/uterus. A lot of wait and see. They are sending someone from NICU to come talk to us in a bit about all of the possibilities/scenarios.

Prayer requests - Things look as good as can expected with the bleeding/contracions, but the drs and nurses keep emphasizing they want me to at least make it to 3:00 for my 2nd steroid shot. Every hour after that shot helps Buddy.
They want me to make it to 30 weeks if possible - and of course every week after that is even better, but if there is any danger they will probably do a C-section.
Called my mom - she and my dad are heading down right now just incase they do have to do a C-section today or in the next couple of days. Pray for their safety.
Praise - This may seem silly but they are letting me eat breakfast in a little bit! We weren't sure, but I got the okay to do so. :) And the nurse who did my IV early this morning got it on the first go around without too much pain. This never happens. It usually takes a whole team of people several tries to get my IVs. :)
I will let you know more when I know more.

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