Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 2 PM and 7 PM update at bottom

This was pretty much in my facebook status, but I know a lot of our family members do not have facebook, but check the blog.
I had a 2nd pill to keep contractions/bleeding at a minimum. So far the drugs are working. C is hooked up for a bit right now to the monitor for his heartrate check. It is doing well mostly in the 120-150 range.
M is finally napping a bit on the pull-out chair, but I can't seem to get comfortable enough to really fall asleep. Funny because I am a world-champion napper.
In about an hour I should be getting my other shot of steroids. I am pretty sure I will be here overnight again, and not sure how long after that. It just depends on how well things go.
We are so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I can't seem to say it enough. Every day and every hour makes a difference right now. We know that God is in control amidst the chaos right now, and your prayers are what are helping us experience His peace.

UPDATE 7:20 PM TUESDAY Second steroid shot was administered. Praise God. Seriously. And we are now 4 hours past the shot time, so we are definitely beyond the worst case scenario. Did I mention that stuff is thick? A NICU doctor came and talked with us about the different scenarios of having a baby at 29 weeks. A lot of the information was familiar because dear friends of ours spent quite some time recently in the NICU here, and knowing their story of God's goodness and provision to them helps ease my mind a bit.
My parents arrived (they rode together) early evening. It was good to laugh. I have a really loud family - especially when there are a lot of us together and when we are all picking on my brother. I was afraid at some point a nurse would come in and tell us to keep it down. I sent them out to get some real food for them. I am here another night at least. No one has really mentioned when I get to go home. I guess it is too early to tell. Contractions are minimal and bleeding has stopped again. Buddy impressed Meemaw (aka Babushka), Grampy, Uncle FMan and Aunt Missa with his good heartrate on the monitor. He even cooperated and stayed on the monitor when I moved to sit up. I still haven't slept a really decent amount, so I am hoping tonight to be able to crash for at least a few hours.
We continue to say thank you (it sounds so weak) for your continued prayers for us. We don't really know what we need right now. It is a big question mark. We find strength and encouragement knowing there are so many people out there caring for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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