Friday, May 15, 2009


This week my co-workers threw me a baby shower. I am so thankful for their generosity and their friendship. My sister-in-law was kind enough to take the pictures, so I will post them when I get them.
Tonight I decided to unpack some things I received at the shower. I only got through box #1 - the Pack'n'Play. It sounds so simple, like something that should come out of the box pretty much ready to be used. Haha. I assembled the main structure first. It was easy - unfold according to the directions waiting to push down the middle and put in the mattress pad. Then there was the changing table and bassinet accessories. I first tried putting the poles that go to the changing area in the bassinet (which was impossible). Simple reading error, but in my defense the pages in the direction booklet stuck together so I thought the two accessories shared a set of directions. The picture did not help to let me know that this was not the case. Then when I figured out that mistake, I could get the poles into the material of the changing table, but trying to click them together was not working at all because they don't really fit easily together at the correct angles at the correct moment. I continued to look at the directions and the supplies, getting angrier by the moment and finally throwing things down in surrender as well as to take some time to "take a step back." Blah. I was not thriled about doing this.
Perhaps it was not the wisest thing trying to put something together after spending all day outside/on a bus for about an hour each way with fourth graders on a field trip. I may have used up all my patience allotment for the day.
Tomorrow I hope to look at the directions again, smile, and easily put the remaining pieces together. Then I will laugh about how silly it was to be so frustrated tonight.
Wishful thinking.
Perhaps instead the Pack'n'Play elves or fairies will come put those poles together the way they are supposed to be.
More wishful thinking.

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